MM Design Services


About Us

  Let MM Design Services elevate your ideals to the next step by providing  you with high quality detailed computer-aided designs. Any object can be modeled and from that we can create photo realistic renderings for presentations or detailed engineering prints for manufacturing. We use PTC CREO, Blender and SolidWorks for CAD along with KeyShot for renderings. 

Electronics packaging

Our Services

We specialize in packaging electronics to meet stringent requirements or simple designs. We can design bent up sheet metal for quick prototyping or complex aluminum housings to shield against electromagnetic interference. Once the enclosure is designed and approved for production, we can have it ordered, built and dropped shipped to your door step.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Modeling

 Additive Manufacturing allows for highly complex structures which can  still be extremely light and stable. It provides a high degree of design freedom, the optimization and integration of functional  features, the manufacture of small batch sizes at reasonable unit costs  and a high degree of product customization even in serial production. 3D printed models  designed in CAD will result in less errors and the less material wasted  at the printer. The following applications are just a few advantages of additive  manufacturing.


  • Product Development
  • Data Visualization
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Jigs, Fixtures & Gauges
  • Test Validation
  • Tooling


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